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Thursday, 11 May 2017

Activating developer mode in ODOO 10

5/11/2017 03:02:00 pm

Developer mode in ODOO enables you to use server configurations and advanced features.

Following features are available with the developer mode:

  • Debug menu on top menu bar which can be used for the following
    • Run JS tests
    • Open view
    • Consume tours
    • Start tour
    • Edit action
    • View fields
    • Manage filters
    • Edit workflow
    • Technical translation
    • Set default
    • View metadata
    • Print workflow
    • Fields view get
    • Edit form/tree/search view
    • Leave the developer tools
    • Disable technical features
    • Activate assets debugging
  • Additional menu options in the Settings menu
When you log into an ODOO database the developer mode will be disabled by default. To enable the developer mode:
  1. Log in as administrator user
  2. Go to Settings menu
  3. At the bottom right of the page you can find two options to activate the developer mode:
    1. Activate developer mode and
    2. Activate developer mode (with assets): it disables the minification of Javascript and CSS used by the web client, making it easier to debug client-side behavior.


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