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Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Setting up a developer account in Moneris

3/01/2016 05:16:00 pm

For setting up the Moneris developer account, please follow the below steps:

  1. Go to
    Log in using the credentials shown in the page

  2. From the dashboard, go to Admin -> Hosted Paypage Config and click on Generate a New Configuration button . Please note that there are configurations of other developers/users listed
    below the button, do not edit or delete those configurations.

  3. After clicking on Generate a New Configuration button, you will get a ps_store_id and hpp_key for your developer account and a warning message like below:

    This configuration is currently flagged as temporary and will be deleted in 15 minutes.
    To confirm this configuration please click 'Save Changes' below.

    ps_store_id: BBMQCtore3
    hpp_key: hp2MAP$JFRUS

    Then under Basic Configurations enter a description about your account or website.
  4. Then select a transaction type. By default, it will be 'Purchase'.
  5. Select the Payment Methods you need. For example, Credit cards, Gift cards etc.
    NOTE: Different payment types require extra coding to handle the transaction response and create a receipt.
  6. Then select the Response method and enter Approved URL and Declined URL. After a successful transaction the Moneris payment gateway will redirect to the Approved URL you have specified and if the transaction is declined, it will redirect to the Declined URL.

    Then save the changes, now your developer account is ready.

    For integrating your Moneris payment gateway account with ODOO you can use the following details:

    Response Method: Sent to your server as a POST
    Approval URL: https://SITEURLHERE/payment/moneris/dpn
    Declined URL: https://SITEURLHERE/payment/moneris/cancel
    Use "Enhanced Cancel" Enabled
    Use "Response Fallback" Disabled
    Under Configure Response Fields, ECI and txn_number Enabled.
    Under security features, Transaction Verification Enabled, and set to be displayed as key/value pairs on moneris's server.

    The ODOO-Moneris integration module is available at


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